Cypress Sunday School Newsletter Project

Newsletter by Students

Dear Students:

The goal of this project is to challenge students to think, research and write quality articles and other creative work, and to take leadership.  By participating you will gain a number of skills – writing, thinking creatively, and managing a project. It should also be fun!

If you are interested in participating with a submission, please speak to Br. Quddus or your teacher.  Parents and teachers should also encourage students to take part in this project.

Examples of submissions include, 

  • Write an original short story, preferably with an Islamic theme
  • Book review – read a book and write about it
  • Poem – on your life and on other topics
  • Drawings can be submitted
  • Puzzle or game that is fun for other students
  • You can also volunteer to assist with reading, editing and designing the newsletter

Guidelines and Timeline

  1. All submissions should be submitted by March 21 (two weeks from now) in both hard copy or electronically (by email to [email protected])
  2. The work should reflect the student’s own work
  3. A committee (teachers, students) will review the student work and select the best submissions
  4. The submissions that are selected to be included will be edited as appropriate for better read.
  5. The students whose submissions are selected will receive a gift certificate.

If you have questions, please speak to Br. Quddus or a member of the Sunday School Team.

Jazakallah Khairan