• School will start with the assembly at 10:30 am. Therefore, students should be at the school premises by 10:15 am to attend the assembly on time. (Note: Ramadhan timings are different)
  • Parents must pick up their children by 2:15 pm. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSUMES NO RESPOSIBILITY FOR SUPERVISING CHILDREN AFTER 2:15 PM.
  • For safety, young children should be brought inside the building by the parents
  • Parents are requested to be especially careful while driving near the school premises
  • We try to ensure that young children needing to go to the bathroom are supervised



  • Teachers will check off the children’s name as they hand each to their parents.
  • The teachers and staff go home after Zuhr. PARENTS MUST PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN ON TIME
  • In case of emergencies, parents shall contact the teacher to let him/ her know that their child will be picked up late. This exception is for EMERGENCIES only.
  • If parents frequently pick their student late, a parent meeting will be scheduled with the principal to discuss the consequences.


Fighting, using abusive words, disrespecting faculty/ staff or the Masjid’s property – all are examples of disruptive behavior and serious disciplinary matter. Determination of such behavior may result in suspension from the school. The Principal or another member of the Sunday School team will determine the period of suspension. Leaving school premises without permission may result in immediate suspension. There is zero tolerance for drugs or weapons on school premises. Student will be immediately expelled from the CIS-WIS if they are in possession of drugs or weapons.



The dress code follows the Islamic guidelines. Girls in 2nd grade and above should wear scarf/ hijab. They should include either long sleeve top with a long skirt or loose pants or abaya. Tight jeans, short tops or short sleeves are discouraged in school. Any traditional clothing must follow similar guidelines. Boys should wear loose pants not baggy pants, with T-shirts or long sleeve shirts (no sleeveless shirts please). Shirts should not have pictures or inappropriate writing. Boys are not allowed to wear shorts to Sunday school. Failure to observe the dress code will result in the children being sent back home.



Absence without notice for three class days may lead in termination from the school. However, re-registration may be considered if a proper reason is given. There will be a $25 penalty fee for re-registration.



If a student is tardy for three class days, parents/ guardians will be contacted to meet with the Principal. If the student continues to be tardy after the third time, he/she will be withdrawn from school.


Grading Policy:

90-100        A

80-89          B

70-79          C

60-69          D

59 or below F



The Weekend Sunday School in Cypress will incorporate testing to insure that no child left behind in learning at least the basics of Islam. At the beginning of every year, students will be tested on the previous material and must pass by 60%. If a student fails the assessments, the student will be sent to a special class to learn the required material. Once the student masters the material, he/she will be sent back to the designated class. All students will be provided with an assessment sheet at the end of the year, which they will be tested on. It will be the parent’s responsibility to make sure the student learns the required material during the summer. Our goal is to ensure that each student learns the basics of Islam, i.e., how to make Salah properly, memorize surahs, durood and duas necessary for Salah and to gain other basic knowledge that every Muslim should know. We need full cooperation of the parents in this endeavor.



Parents must provide a few contact numbers and ensure someone can be reached by phone during school hours. If parents are unavailable, they must designate someone for emergency contact. In case of emergency, contacts will be contacted in order listed on the registration form.



The primary mode of communication, except for emergencies, is via email or text message. Please be certain that your email address (and cell phone number) is correct. It is your responsibility to read your email regularly to get the latest information.  Parents may contact the teachers directly for their child’s progress or concerns.



Toys are not allowed in the school. Students are not allowed to use electronic devices, i.e., cell phones, ipads (except for educational purposes), ipods, handheld games, etc., in the classroom. If these are confiscated from a student, there will be a $15 penalty to get the toy/gadget back. Repeated failure to follow rules may result in suspension from the school.



Each student is provided with a number of textbooks for use in the classroom for the semester/year. Textbooks are expensive and limited; parents must ensure that their child bring the books to the class each Sunday. If books are lost, the student will be charged a fee for replacement books.



Juniors (11th graders) may volunteer as teacher’s aid after the first semester. They need to get the Principal’s approval and will be assigned in a class only if there is a vacancy for a teacher’s assistant. CSS allows students to earn community service hours by volunteering at Sunday school.

These guidelines are formulated to insure safety of students, parents, faculty and staff. Our goal is to make sure the students enjoy a safe and fun learning environment. We look forward to a prosperous and safe school year. Since Sunday school is run by mutual cooperation of parents, volunteers, students and community members, suggestions and comments for improvement are always welcome. These will be discussed in teacher’s meeting and action taken if agreed.

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