Students are expected to register formally before the semester begins. Tuition payment for the semester is expected at the time of the admission. The Sunday School management will work with students who move to the community in the middle of the semester. The parents are expected to respect School policies and cooperate with the school administration. Please remember that the school is run by an all volunteer team of administration and teachers.

Online Registration:

We are offering online registration option. Please visit the links below:

Fee Structure

Semester Fee Description  Total Fee
First Child Fall 2017 $180 (Tuition) + $35 (Books)  $215
After First Child Fall 2017 $155 (Tuition) + $35 (Books) $190/Child
First Child Spring 2018 $180 (Tuition) (No Charge for Books) $180
After First Child Spring 2018 $155 (Tuition) (No Charge for Books) $155/Child

Volunteer teachers get a discount on tuition fees for their children.